Certbot DNS Vaildator for AWS Route53 (w/pkcs12 packager)

This is a Perl wrapper for Certbot -- A fully-featured, extensible client for the Let’s Encrypt CA -- that leverages DNS validation via the AWS Route53 Cloud Domain System. This is handy for adding SSL certs to IoT devices or appliances that do not directly support an ACME protocol client. It also creates a pkcs12 (PFX) package for use with most [...] Read more

KS0212 keyestudio RPI 4-channel Relay Shield CLI/CGI Interface

I've cobbled together a Python3 HTTP/CGI or CLI script for setting/reading GPIO pin states with the KS0212 keyestudio RPI 4-channel Relay Shield. It's beent tested on the Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B Plus Rev 1.3) running Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 but should work on any device that supports the KS0212 and can build the RPi.GPIO Python libraries. It takes [...] Read more

i3blocks Scheduler Scripts

I've posted a few down-and-dirty scripts for the i3blocks scheduler over on Github for the most awesomely incredible i3 window manager. Most of the scripts are written in Perl and monitor battery, iostat, meminfo, net and other system counters. You'll need to install the free Font Awesome font set, consult your distribution documentation for more [...] Read more

Vim build script for Debian derivatives (8.1)

This is a simple build script for Vim 8.1 with Perl, Python2/3, Ruby and Lua scripting support. It should be compatible with most Debian derivatives and has been tested on Debian Stretch and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The script will install all build prerequisites and remove all package-maintained versions before building. Be sure to validate your Python [...] Read more

Set Z-Wave Thermostats by Outside Temp, Humidity, and Time of Day

EDIT: Added "Vacation Mode" setting, notification hook, and updated script / documentation for compatibility with UI7 Version 7.0.5 (1.7.1018). I purchased a VeraLite a few months back and have been slowly transitioning devices and services away from a Vivint / 2GIG controller. One of the features missing was a usable scheduling interface for the [...] Read more

Using Domain Name Service Response Policy Zones (DNS RPZ) With Shallalists

I'll be demonstrating the usage of DNS RPZ as a content filtering mechanism for local area networks (LANs) using Shallalists. DNS filtering could be applicable to anyone from K-12 schools seeking CIPA compliance, to small-to-medium businesses wanting additional, non-invasive malware protection. This should be in no way considered a definitive RPZ [...] Read more

GNOME 3.18/3.20 On Ubuntu 16.04

In my seemingly never ending quest to run cutting-edge GNOME on a stripped-down yet stable platform, I've come across a decent recipe. I've made a few notes, mostly for my own benefit, that should be easy to reproduce for most folks. Be warned, this how-to will be using the GNOME3 Staging PPA for APT's sources and these packages have been deemed [...] Read more

Moto 360 (2nd Gen) and Android Wear 2.0

If you own a Moto 360 2nd Gen, I'm sure you're all aware that Android Wear 2.0 was just released. Well, unless you live under a rock or have an otherwise normal, non-geek life. Unfortunately, getting the upgrade on your Moto 360 2nd Gen can be somewhat frustrating. I've been able to successfully install and configure the upgrade on 2 watches [...] Read more

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